Walgreens - Revitalift Rebate - Confirmed

Ok so ... remember last month the $16.49 rebate for Revitalift offered at Walgreens? I do, because it was the only one I wanted to do, that I couldn't. Well it's a hidden rebate this month, and I know it for sure... I was able to purchase it this Sunday, along with the "free gift" L'Oreal Eye Serum. I used 2 $2/1 ManQ's from a recent insert (that say use only at Walgreens) and ended up paying $14.49 (b4 tax) for both. I just checked my easy saver rebate status, and the Revitalift is showing up... It wasn't on the list of checkboxes, so I didn't check any of them... then again I don't ever check them anyway.
" 47 LOreal RivitaLift $16.49"

I hope this helps some of you...

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