$10 off Rogaine Foam!

Check it out! Go here to print a coupon for $10 Rogaine Foam! If that link doesn't work out for you, just sign up here to sign up (quick form)!! This is on sale this week @ CVS for $39.99 I believe? Has anyone used this? I have really really long hair (almost to my waist now) but would LOVE for it to be super thick... wonder if this product would help me out with that. Any feedback would be awesome!

Then go here to request a few in the mail as well... I really do love mail links... As my friends can attest - I send some to myself (of course) and to those who I think might use a product, but don't necessarily have the time or interest to get online and deal hound. Yes, as odd as it sounds - I actually know people like that... and I love them anyway!


Saad1 said...

I don't think it's for making your hair thick- it's just for those who are losing their hair. And the blue kind is only for men, the directions tell women not to even touch it! (my DH uses it)

Anonymous said...

I read reviews on the internet because my husband started using this to try to thicken his hair. I heard from someone that if you stop using it, you will loose what new hair grew. And that is exactly what I read on the internet.


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