Sunday Stuff

So this is what I saw that piqued my interest for Sunday's deals...


2 for $5 Rice Krispies, Mini Wheats, and Selected Others.
-- use $1/1 printable

12 oz Dove Shampoo and Selected Other Dove Hair Care Products 3 for $10
-- use $1.50 manq from recent insert

Kleenex for $1.25
-- use .40/1 manq from recent insert

Gillette Fusion Razor for 8.99 (.99 after RR and coupon)
-- use $4/1 ManQ
-- Get 4 RR

Alka Seltzer + Cold for 4.99
-- get 4.99 RR

Fun Sized or Snack Sized Candy for $2.50 ea
-- use $1/2 M&M/Mars Brand manQ
-- use $1/3 Hershey's Reese's Kit Kat manQ
-- use $1/1 printable for Nestle brand *fixed the link
Buy 4 and submit for October ESR $4

Lysol Neutra Air or Airwick Freshmatic Kit for $5.99
-- use $5/1 manQ for Lysol from recent insert
-- use $4/1 manQ for Airwick from recent insert
Buy on 10/24 or 10/25 to submit for NOV ESR for $3

L'oreal Advanced Revitalift + Free Advanced Revitalift Eye or Night Cream
-- use $2/1 L'Oreal Advanced Q's from recent insert (have walgreens logo on them)
If you have more than one, this is even sweeter. Submit for OCT ESR. It's a "raincheck" item from last month, and may not show up on the list, but will credit.

Rimmel Lip or Eye is B1G1
-- use $1/1 from tearpads around. I just realized all of my other Rimmel Q's expired. RUDE!!!! I have no clue how that happened to me. I must get more...

Pert Plus for 3.49
-- use $2.50 walgreens Q (in the rebate book)
-- stack w/$1/1 manq or i think i saw a printable at boodle.com
Would be free or .01 overage

Always Infinity 14 - 18ct pads for $4.99
-- use $2/1 manq from insert
-- get back $1 RR

Kellogg's Cereal is $2.50
again w/the $1/1 printable to get it for $1.50

Kleenex is 3 for $4 (tis the season)
-- use 3 .40/1 manq or 1 $1/3
-- get back $1 RR

There's also $2 off Q's in the Walgreen's ad for Enfamil Lipil, or Walgreen's Soy or Milk Based. It's been so long since I had a baby, I about died when I saw how much this stuff costs nowadays.

There's also a report of there being Quilted Northern 6pk of ULTRA PLUSH tissue priced at $4. Combine with the $1 Q in the rebate book, and the $1/1 manq from recent insert, and we're talkin' $2 for TP. NOTE: This must be in a purple pack, and must be a six pack. NOT the 9pk that's advertised on sale for $4. The Q's won't work on this one. I haven't checked at my Walgreens yet, I'm planning on going to Walgreens and CVS tomorrow...

CVS has a bunch of stuff that's got me excited... It's already 1:30 am though, so I'm not gonna have time to hammer out any deals until the morning... I'm so full of cider, it's making me sleepy!!

Free after ECB - Sunday & Monday ONLY
Pumpkin Pail .99 - limit 2
Brach's pumpkins, autumn mix, indian or candy corn 1.29 - limit 2
Funlight 6" smart light .99 - limit 2
(i'm getting that stuff for sure)

Other stuff...
32oz PowerAde $1.69 - get back $1.69 ECB
I don't have any q's for this, but I hear they exist.

Family Sized Shampoo or Conditioner - Pantene 25.4, Infusium 16, Herbal Essences or Head & Shoulders 23.7 for $5.99, get back $1 ECB
$2/1 Infusium, $3 off 2 Herbal Essences, $2 off head & shoulders conditioner when you buy shampoo, and $1/1 pantene. I think these were all from the Brandsaver insert...

12 pks of Coke - 3 for $10 - Get back $2 ECB - Limit 1 (per the ad)
If this includes Coke Zero, I'm all over it.

iCraig stereo radio w/iPod Dock 29.99 - get back $10 ECB
-- possible xmas item...

Scrubbing Bubbles Stuff, Windex, Fantastic for 2.50
Get the big $$ printables to get this stuff for $1 or less.

Spend $15 Energizer Max Batteries, get $5 ECB
$1/1 manq out there...

L'oreal beauty Tubes Mascara 9.99 - get $2 ECB (limit 2)
$2/1 L'Oreal Q from past insert

Similar L'Oreal B1G1 Deal that Walgreens has... Theres been great Q's for L'Oreal skin products lately... (sorry so sketchy, it's a huge ad with tons of info!!)

Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover - spend $19.99 get $5 ECB (prices start at 6.99)
-- $2/1 Q's in CVS Beauty Book

Buy 1 Sally Hansen or Healing Beauty Cosmetics, get 1 50% off (excludes LIP) - prices start at .99
-- use $3/2 Sally Hansen Nail Color Q from CVS beauty book

Buy 1 Sally Hansen Lip Treatment - get 3 ECB - prices start 5.99
$1/1 ManQ from recent insert

Buy $10 Pert Plus or Sure 2in1 shampoo/conditioner 13.5 oz, deodorant solid 2.6-2.7 oz or spray 6 oz get $5 ECB
-- $2/1 Pert Plus from today's insert
-- $1/1 Sure Antiperspirant & Deodorant in today's insert, and past one too
-- $2.50/1 Sure MAX Clinical Power Antiperspirant & Deodorant, today's insert and past one too
-- Try sure max for free rebate here.

Always Infinity 14 - 18ct pads 4.99 - get back $1 ECB
-- use $2/1 manq from past insert

Spend $25 get 10.00 ecbs: Limit 1
q-tips $2.49
Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Product, any 170 ct.+
-- use .30 recent insert
Huggies jumbo pack $9.99 (excludes overnights)
-- use $1/1 Huggies Diapers from past insert
-- use $2/1 PUll Ups
Similac Advanced formula 23.2 oz $23.99
Huggies (42-80ct) or Playskool cottony cloths (80 ct) wipes $2.79
-- use $2/1 CVS Q from recent insert for Playskool cottony cloths
Johnson's baby powder, lotion, oil, wash, shampoo 6.5-15 oz, balm 0.5oz, bedtime washcloths 14ct, or Desitin original 2 oz $2.99
-- use $3/3 manq for Johnsons Baby Product, Desitin, Tylenol Infants, Motrin Infants, etc., any except trial from recent insert
Gerber baby food, cereal, or juice 25% off...

Excedrin Express Gels for 1.99
$2/1 printable
-- makes this free!!

Butler Toothbrush 2pk 3.99 - get 3.99 ecb
-- there's q's for .75/1 and $1/1 from past insert.. i used long ago...
They have the ones shaped like little crayons w/the suction cup bottoms.
Also, report of there being toothbrushes UPC 7094212391 priced at $1.25, and still kicking out the 3.99 ecb. Worth your time to look for these ones.. as it's a big ol' moneymaker.

Just for Men - Touch of Gray 7.99 - get back 7.99 ecb
-- register for $2/1 Coupon
-- $8 Mail in Rebate

Schick Quattro Women 9.99 - get 3 ECB
-- use $2/1 Manq from recent insert

Oral B Pulsonic toothbrush 59.99 - get 20 ECB
-- $15 mail in rebate (i posted this at slickdeals today)

Listerine Whitening Pen $9.99 - get $5 ecb
$3/1 recent insert
$3 printable

Listerine Whitening Mouth Rinse $5.49 - get $2 ecb
$1/1 recent insert
$2/1 printable

Listerine Agent Cool Blue $4.49) - get $3 ECB
$1/1 printable

Listerine Sign Up to get printables:
Save $1.50 on LISTERINE® WHITENING® Vibrant White™ Pre-Brush Rinse!
Save $3.00 on LISTERINE® WHITENING® Quick Dissolving Strips!
Save $1.00 on LISTERINE® WHITENING® Pre-Brush Rinse!
Save $2.00 on the LISTERINE® WHITENING® Pen!

All this and more... Did you see something I didn't? Please leave comments... and thanks everyone for reading and sharing!!!


Kate said...

Thanks... but I need some help. How do you submit the rain check items online since they aren't listed? What would you check?

cheapsk8mom said...

Yup you submit your receipt online as you normally would. I never check anything - but I'm assured by customer service that they'll automatically "pick up" and be credited.

OklahomaMomma said...

Thanks for the heads up on these bargains... starting on my Walgreens list and might make it to Target this week too.

Crow said...

Gotta check DealRocker too. It has over two million product offers from about 2,000 merchants. DealRocker.com offers the best combination of deals and coupons at one place. The deals and free coupons are updated regularly and span a wide range of product categories to address a variety of shopping needs.

It Rocks !!!!


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