Yummy Southwestern Style Corn Chowder...

Ok so I've got jars and jars of Taco Bell Salsa, too many Green Giant Steamers - corn, more packets of taco seasoning than anyone really needs, Organic Meijer Brand Black Beans... And it's kind of cold outside. I set out to McGuyver together a soup for dinner. Here's what I used...

2 Large Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
- cooked and chopped into small chunks
1 Jar Taco Bell Salsa
2 Bags of Steamers Corn
1 Packet Old El Paso Taco Seasoning
1 Quart of Skim Milk
- found on clearance at Meijer today for .70
1 Pint of Half & Half
1 Can of Meijer Brand Organic Black Beans
- rinsed (got these for free using the $2 off 2 Meijer Organics Catalina coupon)
Couple of TB of Flour to thicken
1 Bag of Shredded Cheese (any will work - we used 'mexican blend')
1 Jalapeno
- I have a small Jalapeno plant in a pot on my back patio, I picked a bunch this summer and roasted them on the grill, then tossed into the freezer - Man, they're HOT
Few TB of Cumin

Added the ingredients together and cooked till it was thickened. Turned out really really good. Best part is, we have leftovers for the freezer! I had thought about toasting up some of the Taco Bell Taco Shells (free - thanks Meijer) and crumbling over the top when serving, but figured this soup was already pretty rich. The kids liked it, except that the 1 tiny Jalapeno pepper really made the entire dish spicy. Happy husband though...

Cost: About $2 for the chicken, .35 for the salsa, $2 for the cheese, .70 for the milk, $1.50 for the half&half. About $7'ish bucks for the entire dinner. Served 5, with leftovers. Could have probably gotten it done cheaper, but for some reason I didn't have any chicken, and I was too tired to go to the WalMart today to get the half&half. Not really sure why it's so expensive at the Meijer, but oh well.

Next experiment: Make an enchilada style casserole with the Crunchy Taco Shells.

I picked up an advance Sunday paper today during our shopping runs, and I'll thumb through and post the highlights later. Until then, take a look on the right side to the blogs that I love to follow... Those wonderful women always have their CVS and Walgreens, Target and sometimes even WalMart deals up. Money Saving Mom's offline for a few days - so I don't think hers will be updated... Wish her well.

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