New Deals !!

Save $1 off Baskin Robbins Sundae here.

Request $2 off Honey Bunches of Oats coupon mailed to you from Bricks, here or here. (I've more than maxed out my limit printing these, and my kids LOVE this cereal. I also like to enter friends addresses so they can be surprised with a coupon in the mail. Takes about a week to arrive.)

Another one of my favorite items, TAVA. One of the ONLY drinks that I can honestly say tastes good when it's NOT cold. I seem to always forget I have an open drink, and find it later - warm. Doesn't matter w/the TAVA. It's good all the time!!! I have still NOT found it at WalMart, where it's reported to be 1.98 per pack... I go to the Target and pay 2.49 (only if I have my 1.50 coupon though). Well, here's a Brick's printable, since I'm maxed out on three computers at coupons.com...

Play David's Sunflower Seeds "Share the Fun Giveaway Everyday" here.

Coffee-Mate Coupons. 1.50 off of 2 10.2 liquid, and 1.00 off of ANY 1 powder, here. You can click "help" to get some mailed to you instead of printing...

Go to My Coke Rewards and type Taste of Victory into the search box. You'll be able to choose a FREE 20 oz Coke Zero. I believe this coupon gets mailed to your home.

Bricks $2 Bic Soleil Coupon here. I had to use IE to get this one, FF was giving me the "please wait" message... (can't click help to get a coupon mailed)

B1G1 Sierra Mist coupon here.

Enter Kraft Best School Year Ever - here - for a chance to win a $50 "Back to School Reward Card" (Has AMEX logo on it) It asks for a UPC code... I used 8768400971. On the same page there's also a link for AL, TN, FL, GA, and SC Residents to "Get a back to school boost" for Publix Shoppers, and to check back July 10th... I don't live in those states, nor do I have that store, but I'm definitely interested to see what it's all about!

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