Pets are awesome!

I have to say it, I love my dog. I love giving him treats, no lie... I also dream of having a bengal cat, but can't really afford a $900 cat. :(

$1/1 Snawsomes printable
$1/1 MilkBone printable
B1G1 Butcher Selects & $2 off MultiPack Pedigree here
$2/1 Beggin Strips brick's mail request OR go here Choose a dog nose, and then click on the compass to the left. Once the map loads click on one of the $ symbols to be taken to the coupon. You will have to register or sign in. (thx mssma64)
I picked to go to the kitchen, then clicked the mail - coupon in the mail!! Deja Vu?
$10/1 Tidy Cats Breeze System here
Sign up to get a free can of Mighty Dog dog food via mail here.
Sign up to get a printable Q for $5 off Purina secondnature housetraining litter here
Sign up to get a printable Q for $1.50 off Yesterday's News litter here

Also, if you're planning to adopt a dog from a shelter anytime soon, check this out from Pedigree. Send in proof of adoption and you'll get a months suplly of Pedigree food.

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