My KMart Double Coupon Adventure...

Ok so I managed to get up to the KMart today and take advantage of them... I mean of their double Q's...

Now this was over $120 before coupons. In front of the Glade Oil Candle Refills was a smartsource blinkie that spit out coupons for $2 off 2. Well, they're on sale for $2, so this coupon made them free. Having said that, it took some time for the cashier - and later the manager - to understand that the coupons for these items weren't doubling on their own. I also made use of a $2 off Hershey's coupon that the company mailed to me.

Our cashier was a not a fan of the coupons, so... They ended up understanding me, and had to scan each of the Glade Oil Candle Refills coupon twice. She was very - not nice about things, and once her manager left, so did her ability to work with me. The coupons for the Wrigley's gum did not double, and she didn't scan the coupons for the Reach toothbrushes at all. I ended up paying $11 more than I should have - displeased. Total OOP was $28. But I also got a Catalina for $5 off my next order, which I think I'm just crazy enough to go back tomorrow for more free stuff. Since I do all of my shopping lists/plans in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, it's easier for me to just post an image of that for you to look over. (Click the picture for larger view)


TLC said...

That's so awesome (even with the cashier not using all your q's the correct way). I just didn't even want to try to do this just because of the hassle I knew that it would be but when I see what you did, I could kick myself!! Great job!!

cheapsk8mom said...

well don't kick yourself girl... GO GO GO!!

Useful Hints:
Don't buy more than 1 type of Glade Item in a transaction - that way the cashier won't get confused and mess you up.

Get all of the same scents of things like body wash, etc. Not because the prices are different, but because apparently they don't all read the same when said cashier is trying to "attach" coupons.

And RUN, don't walk, to the KMart to get those Scented Oil Candle Refills. No JOKE!! Free? OMGOSH... After the coupon scrutiny at Walmart Monday night, and the drama I had at Meijer last night, and the long coupon hassle I had today, You'd think that I wouldn't go back. But what can I say, I'm sick? Plus I'm planning on putting together some really fun gift bags for my 2 teenaged daughter's "closest" friends.

Kate said...

Yeah, had issues too. Things were ringing up wrong prices, I was supposed to get an instant $5 off and had to fight for it, etc. Plus, they were STILL out of stuff from the last double days! I did manage to get my bill from $116 to $34 though. And that included Pull-Ups! I got home and noticed that 6 $1 coupons (for the icebreakers gum) didn't double! I called and told the manager about all my problems and he immediately offered to send me a gift card for the $6. I think the problem was the coupos that were for money off two things had issues. Good luck tomorrow! One more thing, there were beauty books in the haircare aisle with lots of coupons, including $2 off Dove Cream Oil body wash which was $4.29. Score!

cheapsk8mom said...

Sweet job Kate!! Hair Care Aisle you say... I have scoured the Plainfield store for this book. I have asked customer service and the pharmacy. Even the elderly woman that greets you as you walk in... To no avail. I will look in the haircare aisle tomorrow. I do have the added benefit of a 6'4" husband (he can see more of the store) in tow, so let's just hope.

I hear you about the out-of-stock drama. I want - scratch that - I need to get some resolve carpet stuff. And I need to get it nearly free - haha. Yet it's not stocked.
*sad me*

I might stop in the CS Counter tomorrow w/my receipt if it's not totally sick there... The line was about 8 deep, and I had my 15yr old daughter with me. She was really tired from school, I guess. Plus it's not as easy to walk around a store, push a cart, and text message all of her friends... So you can see my dilemma. Plus the tall husband - although supportive of the deals - was ready to go!

Kate said...

Last double Q days I made my husband drop me off and drive around with my 1, 3 and 4 year olds!


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