Mini CVS Run...

I hadn't gone in about a week, I know they were missing me... I didn't really NEED a new Swiffer Sweeper, I have had the same one for about 4 years or so... But having said that, once I opened the new one up, I am so glad I got it. They must have redesigned it at some point, because now it glides across the floor. The previous model just kind of - well... it didn't glide, that's for sure. It was a pain.

Anyways... Here's the damage:

6 Gatorades @ $1 ea
-- used 3 $1/2 Q's from CVS Beauty Book
2 Dove Mini Bags (Susan Komen) @ $3 ea
-- no coupons on me... gasp.
1 Swiffer Duster @ 6.99 ea
-- used Q from Brandsaver - got free w/Swiffer Sweeper Purchase
1 Swiffer Sweeper @ 7.99 ea
1 Cover Girl Foundation @ 5.49 ea
-- used $1/1 ManQ from Brandsaver
1 Cover Girl Powder Compact @ 7.99 ea
-- got for free w/purchase of Foundation

Used $5/$25 Q from magic red light machine
Used $16.27 ECB (from last run)
Paid $.47 OOP
Got back ECB $3 for Dove Mini, $5 for Swiffer, $3 for CG, $3 for Gatorade

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