Free Jello, Taco Shells, & Macaroni/Cheese at Meijer

Make sure you print off some of the Meijer Mealbox Coupons and head over to Meijer to collect your free stuff!!! Coupons are found on page 3 in the mealbox

$1.50 off Taco Bell Dinner Kit or Salsa (12 taco shells pictured on coupon)
12 taco shells cost $1.30 (.20 OVERAGE)
A jar of Salsa costs $1.85 (.35 After Q)

$1.50 off 2 (4) serve Jell-O
Jello (4 serve) costs .64 each (2x.64=1.28) (.22 OVERAGE)

Another deal...
Buy Select Kraft Products between 10/12 & 11/8
* Kraft Dressing - 8oz+
* Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
* Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
* A1 Steak Sauce
* Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner

Buy 3 or more & Get $2.00 Coupon off your next order. All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 11/8/2008.

A couple of Scenarios: (But there's so many)

Buy 3 Kraft Mac & Cheese for $1.92 (.64 X 3)
Get back a Catalina for $2 off your next order...
I'm calling this a YMMV because the Catalina didn't print for me, but as soon as I took my receipt along w/the Catalina Advertisement to Customer Service, they gave me $2 cash. I'm attaching the scan of this Catalina Advert for you to bring with you to the store so that you'll get the deal you deserve!!!

Cheap Deluxe Mac & Cheese...
A mealbox Q $2/2 for the Macaroni & Cheese Deluxe
priced at $2.35 each
Buy 2 for $4.70
Buy 1 Box of Regular Kraft Mac&Cheese for .64
Pay $3.34 and get a Catalina back for $2 off your next order!


justusseven said...

Thanks for the HEADS UP! Have you seen the MONEYMAKER for Glade plug ins? I have it here: http://momsbyheart.blogspot.com/2008/10/free-stuff-at-meijer.html

Kris Peterson said...

My Meijer Qs are not the same. TB is $1.00 off 2 and no Jello.


One Mom, Five Kids said...

I had heard about this deal from a friend who visits SD so ding-a-ling me went Saturday to test the deal and the catalina didn't print. Duh - the deal didn't start until Sunday.

Anyways, when I went Saturday I bought the 3 boxes of plain mac and cheese, they were .79 cents at my store. However, in this weeks ad it looks like the same boxes are on 'sale' 10/$10. I'm not sure if they are the exact same boxes but they look like it (we already ate the first 3 I bought). Just strange that they would raise the prices to run a promotion. Do you know anything about this? I haven't been back to Meijer yet to check it out.

cheapsk8mom said...

Make sure you're looking at page 3 in the mealbox. There's 2 different Taco Bell Coupons.

PAGE 3!!!!

stephasauri said...

I have a few questions...I'm new at this coupon thing!

Can you print of ass many MealBox coupons as you want? Does it limit you (I know coupons.com usually limits you to printing two of each coupon)?

Is "catalina" a generic term for getting a printed coupon for $$ off your next order, or is it a Meijer term?

Is there any way to know about a catalina before it happens (besides looking online)? What I mean is, if the catalina doesn't print (printer broken, etc) is there any way I can say "See here, it says I should get a $2 off my next order coupon..." or do I just hope to get lucky?

Thanks so much! I'll definitely be checking back here!

cheapsk8mom said...

Print as many MealBox Q's as you want, unlike coupons.com or smartsource.com they're not unique coupons, nor are they limited.

Catalina is the coupon that prints out, yes. I believe it's the name of the company that sponsors them. They print at Meijer, Kroger, Walgreens, and plenty of other stores. Not all deals work at all the different stores.

Occasionally you'll get a Catalina advertisement print out that lets you know that something is about to be a deal. Most times though, I find out by word-of-mouth. There's plenty of forums to do this kind of research, my forum of choice is slickdeals.

I usually hang onto the advertisements in case I don't get the Catalina at the checkout - I bring it to the customer service counter.

1 point to note is that I'm in the Suburbs of Indianapolis - My grocery sales run from Thursday-Wednesday. I think Indy and Chicago are the only places that do this, I could be wrong though...

So while I'm still taking advantage of the Mini Wheats sale, the rest of you have moved on to new sales.

justusseven said...

Just a follow-up: I went to Meijer this afternoon and got BAGS full of groceries plus a PROFIT by combining the GLADE PLUG IN moneymaker and the coupons mentioned above. I have pics here: http://momsbyheart.blogspot.com


Helen said...

Do the store coupons actually give you overage? A manufacturer's coupon automatically scans at the retail price if more than the q. That's one reason I dislike Meijer

cheapsk8mom said...

yes they sure do generate overage. That's how I was able to do transaction #2 for .36 OOP

Who is this CouponNerd? said...

LOVE a few of the Meijer Mealbox coupons!!!! Thanks for the heads up on them.

check it out.....


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