Meijer Deals...

I added a few deals so I bumped this post to the top...

I decided to take a peek at the ad for Meijer in a different part of Indiana - to see what's up - n - comin'... This is what I've tossed together... I'm glad the softsoap is .99, bout time for stockin' up again! (.35 Q doubles, to make these only .29!!!) And the Tyson frozen chicken's caught my eye... love to use this to make pot pies, chicken parmesan, wrap sandwiches... oh and if the honey battered tenders are included, yeah. that'll be great.

V8 Fusion Juice for $1.66
I'm thinkin there was a Q out there for this, but I can't find it. Either way, the Colada Variety caught the husband's eye, so I'll be back...

GE Single Pack CFL Bulbs on sale Buy 1, Get 1 Free ($4.99)
coupons for $1/1 from recent inserts
$1/1 printable here.

Johnson's Buddies Buy 2, get 1 Free
coupons for $3 off 3 (recent insert) make these free, possible overage (Buddies soap is .99) YMMV...

Aveeno Baby Washes, Lotions, Shampoo $3.97
printable for $1/1 here.

Red Gold Tomatoes .80 ea
matches w/the $1/4 Q from 10/12 insert (or was it 10/4)

Kellogg's Cereal - for $2
Use one of the many $1/1 printables from coupons.com or print 6 of them here AND THEN request some in the mail for the next time.
--Selected Varieties include: 17oz Frosted Flakes, 15oz Raisin Bran, 18.2 Raisin, Bran Crunch, 12oz Rice Krispies, 12.2oz Apple Jacks, 12.5oz Corn Pops, 12.2oz Fruit Loops, 12.7oz Cinnamon Swirl MiniBuns

bob evans mac&chz or mashed potatoes $2
There's a printable here for .35 off Any Bob Evans food product, or $1 off an Entree.

Hillshire farm rope style, cheddar, or brats $1.39
$1/2 from 10/5 redplum or .55/1 (my meijer doesn't double over .50 :( .. oh well)

hormel fully cooked entree $3.99
I thought I saw a Q for this out there, I don't clip anything Hormel after I saw a PETA video. (personal boycott) But even w/out a Q, these would make relatively easy fixin's to make home made pot pie with. just add crust and some of those free green giant steamers :)

Ballpark beef or grillmasters $2.50
I don't have a Q but I think this is a great price!

Aunt Millies white or wheat homestye buns $1.25
use .35/1 q's from tear pad

seattles best coffee B1G1 ($6.99)
Pretty good deal for Coffee... We prefer Starbucks, but this isn't bad...

southbeach bars $2
$2 off printable here

green giant steamers $1
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables, any $1 (11-1-08) SS #3 9/7/08
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables, any $1 (11-29-08) SS #3 10/5/08
coupons.com has printables too. love if you printed from here :)

Tyson Family sized Boneless Chicken $4.50
Tyson Frozen Breaded Bagged Product $1 (12-7-08) SS #2 9/7/08
Tyson Frozen Breaded Bagged Product $1/1 or two Boxed Products (10-18-08) SS 7/20/08
Also was in All You (the one w/all the free kraft q's)

Butterfinger (it's pictured) for $1.66 Miniatures
$1/1 printable here - on the right side

Chex Mix $1.25
Chex Mix, 4.5 oz+ or 100 Calorie Chex Mix .50 (11-1-08) SS #3 9/7/08
.60/1 printable or here or here

V8 soup $2
Campbells V8 Soup, any $1 (12-31-08) SS 9/14/08

Reduced Fat Cream Soup $1
Chunky fully loaded $2
Campbell's soup at hand $1
Kid soup or 25% Less Sodium $1
Campbell's select harvest bowls or cans $1.25
Tons of q's from 10/5's insert... and one from sept too.
Also, Meijer Q for $1/2 here It's a PDF that used to be posted on meijer.com but it's not anywhere i can find it now...
campbell's has tons of q's... regional differences in inserts though, so check your Q stash! Typically I buy my Campbell's at the Kroger though, since I signed up for e-labels for Education.

spaghettio's no meat .50
Campbells Spaghettios Pasta .40/2 (12-31-08) SS 9/21/08
Also found in many magazines like Good Housekeeping, Better Homes/Gardens

Dasani Plus $1
there were .50/1 Q's on a tearpad at Walgreens awhile back

tide 40-50 oz liquid, 67-71 oz powder $4.99
Tide, any size $1 (10-31-08) P & G 9/28/08

Dixie plates $2
Dixie Ultra Plates or Bowls, any .35 (11-8-08) V 8/17/08

softsoap .99
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, any 7.5 or 12 oz. .35 (10-18-08) SS 9/28/08


Kate said...

Awesome! I just bought 20 Steamers coupons off ebay for $4! I knew they'd go on sale soon! Also, there's a $1.25 off chex mix printable out there right now.

stephasauri said...

Does Meijer double coupons? I never heard that before! Do tell! I am in Champaign, IL (central IL), but just moved here so I'm still learning.

cheapsk8mom said...

Really Kate? I'm gonna find that Q

Oh yes, Meijer does double Q's.

Every area has a slightly different policy of how the double, so just look at the fine print at the very bottom of your ad, it's printed on the back for me.

Meijer Indy doubles coupons up to .50 and only 2 of each coupon.

So if I had 3 .35/1 Coupons for Pizza Rolls (a staple in this house), 2 of them would double to .70, and 1 would remain at .35

So typically in a doubling situation, I only get 2 of each item that will benefit from the double.

Kate said...

Thanks for the heads up on these deals. I just paid $5.11 and saved $62.25!!! Love it! Also, the Mac & Cheese catalina didn't print for me either, so I appreciated the ad scan. They honored it.

cheapsk8mom said...

Kate - that's great news all-around!!! I can't wait for the sales myself... I finally clipped Sunday's coupons so I have a few more deals to put into this post yet...

I found a $1.25 off Chex Mix Bars printable, but not for the mix itself... Any idea where you might have seen it?

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...


Kate said...

Do you know which Kellogg's cereals are $2? Does it include Smart Start or Special K?

cheapsk8mom said...

I went to the Meijer today to grab a few things really quick, and to look for the participating cereals for you guys...

17oz Frosted Flakes
15oz Raisin Bran
18.2 Raisin Bran Crunch
12oz Rice Krispies
12.2oz Apple Jacks
12.5oz Corn Pops
12.2oz Fruit Loops
12.7oz Cinnamon Swirl MiniBuns


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