Febreeze Noticables at Walgreens and more

Walgreens has a deal for RR's going on... Well, there's a few, but here's 3 that I found of particular interest this morning as I was just waking up...

Buy 2 - get $1 RR, Buy 3 - get $3 RR, Buy 4 - get $5 RR
Mr Clean 2 pk Magic Erasers or 28oz Liquid @ $2.49 ea
Cascade Action Pk 15ct or 60oz Gel or Powder @ $3.49 ea
Febreeze Noticeables Kits or Candles @ $6.99 ea
Febreeze Fabric Refresher @ $4.99 ea
Air Effects 9.7 oz spray @ $2.49 ea
Swiffer 5 pk Dusters, 12 or 16 pk refills, 33.8 oz Wet Jet Cleaner @ $3.49 ea
Swiffer Sweeper starter kit @ $9.99 ea
WetJet Starter Kit @ $17.99 ea

There are numerous manufacturer's Q's from last months brandsaver and this months as well to use on these items.

The other deal is Buy 1 Fusion Manual or Power Razor @ $8.99 ea, and get $4 RR
-- just use your $4/1 ManQ in your Brandsaver (sept or oct) to make these only $.99!!!

The last deal is Buy $10 worth of certain beauty items, get your choice of 12mo subsciption to Marie Claire, or a limited edition cosmetics case.
Read more here.
You'll get a catalina printout that you send in with your submission.
I decided to combine that offer with the RR deal:
Buy 2 - get $5 RR, Buy 3 - get $8 RR

They're all P&G RR's, but I was able to roll one P&G RR into the next deal and still get P&G RR!

So here's what I did, in three transactions this morning:

Transaction 1:
2 Natural Instincts Hair Color @ 5.99 ea
-- used $5/1 Catalina Coupon for Natural Instincts
-- used $2/1 ManQ from last month's brandsaver
4 Febreeze Noticeables Starter Kits @ 6.99 ea
-- used 4 $5/1 ManQ from last month's bransaver (same amt this month too)
1 Arizona Tea @ .99 (filler and thirsty - not pictured)
Used $10 RR (from L'Oreal)
OOP $6.80 on Gift Card
Got $5 RR for Febreeze, $5 RR for Natural Instincts, $4/1 Catalina for Renuzit TriScents (Can't wait for a deal on these, they work awesome), and a Catalina for the Marie Claire deal.

Transaction 2:
4 Febreeze Noticeables Kits
-- used 4 $5/1 ManQ
1 Filler .29
Used $5 RR
OOP $5.23 on Gift Card
Got back $5 RR

Transaction 3:
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
-- used $4/1 ManQ
1 Filler .29
Used $5 RR
OOP: .93 on Gift Card
Got back $4 RR


dancinangel1610 said...

where did you get the $5 Febreeze Noticeables coupon?

cheapsk8mom said...

Those coupons (and more for Febreeze) are in the P&G Brandsaver insert in Sunday's paper (this week)
There are $5/1 Coupons there. There were also the same coupons in last month's Brandsaver insert.


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