CVS Runs...

So I thought while husband was distracted with football, I'd get a few CVS runs out of the way too. Usually he likes to go along, but since we'll be back again tomorrow, he didn't miss much. Our $25 gift card from xfr his prescription is almost spent... :(

Transaction 1:
1 Gillette 2in1 Shampoo @ 4.50 ea
-- used $2/1 ManQ from Brandsaver
1 Gillette Fusion Razor @ 9.99 ea
-- used $4/1 ManQ from Bransaver
2 Dawn Dish Soap @ .99 ea
-- used .50/1 ManQ from Sept Brandsaver
1 Covergirl Clean foundation @ 5.49 ea
-- used $1/1 ManQ from brandsaver
1 Covergirl Advanced Pressed Powder @ 7.99
-- used ManQ from Brandsaver for Buy 1 CG foundation, get 1 CG face item free

Used $5/$25 from magic red-light machine
Used $8 ECB
Total OOP: 2.15 on GC
Got back $5.79 (instead of 5.49?) from CG, and $5 from the Fusion Razor
18.02 to go towards the $10 off from Iron Man DVD
halfway to the $2 ECB for Gillette Man-Shampoo

Transaction 2:
6 Nestle Candy Bags @ 2.50 ea
-- used 6 printables for $1/1
2 Gillette 2n1 Manshampoos @ 4.50 ea
-- used 2 $2/1 ManQ from brandsaver
Used $3/$15 CVS Q
Used $10.79 ECB
OOP: .78 on Gift Card
Got back $5 ECB for candy, $2 ECB for Gillette
Trick or Treating candy is now set.
Halfway to another $2 ECB for Gillette
Planning to go back tomorrow and get the Aveeno deal, Sun Silk, and complete the amt needed to get that $10 Iron Man DVD Q. I want to have it be a coupon, rather than $10 off the purchase, that way I can run a deal around the dvd and get it even cheaper. :) Got any ideas?


Alana Jo said...

Where did u find the candy printable? Id love to have it.

cheapsk8mom said...

it's a brick's printable


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