CVS attempts...

Went to use my B1G1 CoverGirl coupon from August's brandsaver, and my $3 ECB from last week.

2 Wetslicks
- Used B1G1 from Sept Brandsaver
- Got $5.99 ECB
1 AquaSmoother foundation
1 Covergirl outlast lip gloss
- Used B1G1 from Aug Brandsaver
- CVS has B1G1
1 AcneFree Kit (was getting this already, ECB deal was just a bonus)
- Used $3/1 coupon (Grandma sent to me)
- Got $5 ECB
4 Dawn Dishwashing Liquid on sale for .99
- Used 4 .50/1 Dawn coupons from 8/31 Brandsaver
3 IndyStar newspapers

Used $3 ECB
Paid $22.80
Receipt says I saved $37.97 today

Husband transferred prescription and got $25 GC
5 Soy Joy Bars
- Used $3/5 coupon here
2 Atkins Advantage Bars
- Used $1/1 coupon from past insert
6 Suave Body Washes
- Used 3 B1G1 coupons from past insert
- Got $4 ECB
2 Colgate Adv.
- Used 2 $1.50/1 coupons from All You
- Got $4 ECB
6 CoverGirl Outlast lipgloss/colors
- One sale B1G1
- Used 3 B1G1 Covergirl from Sept brandsaver
1 Biore Pore Strips
1 Biore Face Scrub
- Used $2 off strips if buy cleanser coupon from tear pad at Kroger
1 Jergens Natural Glow
- Used $1/1 coupon from tear pad at Kroger
- Got $5 ECB for $15 worth of Jergens/Biore
1 Gillette Mach 3 Disposable
- Used $2/1 coupon from past insert for any gillette

Used $5/$30 Coupon for Labor Day only from CVS email
Paid $21.48 on GC
Receipt says I saved $107.73 today.

I'm planning on going back to do the Aveeno deal, but am hoping the coupons I requested in the mail for $2/1 Aveeno here come in the mail before end of sale.

My husband asked me the other day about why I don't get the low totals that others do. (I read him the awesome deals I see posted at MSM and Centsible Sawyer) It really made me sit back and wonder, and I realized that I roll in items that we need into the deals. I'm all new to the CVS'ing but I noticed that I did it again in these deals too. Those biore strips are so cashy, but with two teenaged daughters... well you know.

How did you do at the CVS? Do you have any tips for me? I'd love to hear from you...


BusyMom said...

I'm fairly new to the CVS thing myself. My tendency is to only roll in stuff I need that isn't on sale/deal when I am using a $/$ coupon or when I have ECBs that are expiring. Usually, I still have coupons for these things, which helps bring their OOP down as well - check out manuf sites, coupons.com, coupons inc, smartsource, redplum, etc. for IP.

I have found that if CVS isn't dealing, i am better off stopping at a discount store for the necessities - CVS regular prices are significantly higher from experience.

Since June 1, I have spent $36.72 OOP and saved close to $600.

brittlynn44 said...

I just started the beginning of July and after a few weeks asked myself the same question. So, now when I go I try and work my scenarios to buy at least 2 items that we need, will use eventually, or my mother-in-law can use(hubbys family has MANY people!). It takes some work, but is usually possible.

Like this week I wanted to buy Cascade tabs while they were 50% off...ended up getting everything for free except for one pack of tabs which was .49 at the end...the diaper deals last month took a long time to figure out too, but if you check my August blog I paid 1.xx for TONS of baby products including diapers.

Just be patient, you can get lower totals.


JohnZ said...

Do smaller deals and don't forget to use the $2 off $10 coupon.

For instance, you could have done the BOGO Cover Girl deal with the AcneFree, with the $2 off $10 coupon in one deal.

Then in deal two, taking the $5 ECBs from that with another $2 off $10 coupon, bought some more Cover Girl, getting $5.99.

Then in deal three, taken the $5.99 ECBs from the other BOGO CG, bought the Dawn and newspapers. At a minimum, its $6 less things would have cost. You still have the ECBs so you can use them later, but by splitting things into smaller deals, you have less to use later / less risk of letting them expire.

You should go back and get the ArniCare with its $8 ECBs, and use the $2 Q for it. It costs $8.99 but you make $1 off each and can repeat 5 times. Buy one ArniCare, use $2 ArniCare Q with $2/10 and buy something else you need. Then repeat, using the $8 ECBs from first trip with another $2/10 coupon....

lerinleigh said...

I agree about doing them in smaller amounts. Instead of spending $40 in one transaction, spend $10 each time in 4 transactions and use a $2/@10 coupon each time. That saves you $8 off the bat.

Ginny said...

I think you aren't getting the same savings because your transactions are so big. My total before coupons/ecb is usually $20 or under with each transaction.

After you do for awhile, you will start to stock up on things & not need to buy full price items that you do need as often.

When I get to that point, I try to find the money maker items & use that overage for something that I need that isn't as good a deal.


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