Pert Plus Peelies Giveaway!

I have three peelies for Pert Plus mail-in rebates up to $3.99 to give away. they're for the Thick 'n Full, Revive & Rejuvenate, or Dandruff Dismissed products. (The Botanicals line, I believe. Get out your $3/1 coupons!!) I got these on items I purchased honestly, rest assured. I don't take peelies from products I don't buy... Just that I'm using the receipt for the Perts to satisfy the mail-in rebate for $5 (with purchase of school supplies). Rather than see them go to waste, I'm giving them away to my fellow cheapsk8s!!! Email me with "Pert Plus" in the subject line, and I'll announce 3 winners Thursday night. Helpful info? My CVS doesn't have UPC codes on the receipts...

1 comment:

jskell911 said...

I would love to have one, as I bought Pert on 3 different occassions during the CVS deal!


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