Meijer 1-Day Sale Tomorrow!!!

Meijer's having a 1-day sale (again) this Saturday!!! I saw a few deals out there, I thought I should share 'em!

First, if you have a Meijer credit card, you'll get 15% off general merch/apparel, and 5% off food/health & beauty.

You can get 5 six-packs of Pepsi 24oz bottles for $11. Well, there's a deal running (read here) that if you buy $10 in Pepsi products, you can save $10 on Jeans!

25% off Ink Cartridges. Well, I know I need these! With all the great printables that are out there right now?

Aquafresh toothpastes and toothbrushes are on sale B1G1... there were a bunch of coupons, 2 weeks ago I think? Add to the stockpile!

I figure I can also go through their toy clearance section to prepare for Christmas this year. A few weeks ago we picked up a set of Legos for 50% off. An extra 15% off sounds right to me.

Doritos are also on sale for $1.79... not my favorite item, but the teenagers (and husband) like chips, so picking them up for this price is a good plan.

What's your plan to save at the Meijer this week? Post what you've got, I'd love to hear it!!


Anonymous said...

If you read the small print the Pepsi/jeans deal specifies the Pepsi needs to be 12 oz cans...isn't the Sat. deal for bottles?

cheapsk8mom said...

The Saturday deal IS for bottles, you're right. However the $10 Jeans/Pepsi deal is not limited to cans, although it does include them.

Here's the 'fine print'
Buy $10 in any combination of PepsiCo products and get $10 off of any one pair of Men's, Women's, Juniors', or Kid's jeans.

Includes Pepsi Cola 12oz cans, Gatorade All-Stars 6/12oz., Frito Lay Variety Sack 20-24 count, and Aquafina 6/24 oz.


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