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my PictureTown

I'm pretty excited about my Picturetown by Nikon. I've got photos stored all over the web... So online storage isn't particularly new to me. When it comes time to share my pictures, that's where the challenge lies. More often than not, I need to send pictures to my not-so-technically-savvy family members and friends. Slideshows are my favorite method, usually. I had been using Picasa, but the idea of adding effects and background music really appeals to me. At my Picturetown, you can share pictures that are stored at full size! Drag & Drop uploading... that's easy! It's got easy sort features, and rearranging albums and folders is pretty simple. You can search by titles, tags, categories... You can add background music and effects to your slideshows - that's a cool feature! You can store (host) images for your blog or website... And you can email invitations to friends to view the photos. You can search for photos by the date they were uploaded or taken using a calendar... Your friends can rate your images on a scale of 0-5. You can upload via the Eye-Fi card, if you have it. 2 gigs of storage for free? Why not!

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