Sweepstakes & Contests

Best Buy Mall of America Back to School Shopping Spree - here. 7/13/08 - 7/19/08... One entry per day.
Subway Get Smart - here. Try guessing codes for an extra play. ex: agent99, sunbeamtiger, or shoephone, bythatmuch for a free entry code. Use your imagination! I've won about 15 bags of chips, and a movie ticket!
Hanes Wedgie Free Wednesdays - 500 winners a week - here.
Lipton youthful spirit sweepstakes - here.
Pilgrim's Pride %100 Natural Family Vacation Sweepstakes - here.
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Vote for Spraychel - here. This one's kind of time-consuming... you do puzzles. But it's fun.
SuperValu General Mills Batman - here.
Jelly Belly instant win - here.
Dove instant win free music downloads - here.
Good Housekeeping Outdoor Living Room Sweepstakes - here.
Fox Movie Channel - 2 sweepstakes - Independence Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win HDTV, BluRay player, and a suite of BluRay Discs - Bonneville Sweepstakes for a chance to win one Las Vegas Vacation from Riviera Hotel & Casino - here.
Meijer Summer Sweepstakes here. One entry per day.
Meijer Ultimate Race Fan Package - here.
Meijer Racing Ultimate Weekend - here.

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My Good Cents said...

Thanks for the macaroni grill coupon (the comment went to my spam folder and I just now found it ) .. I've seen that coupon around and I couldn't figure out what site it came from.. so really, thanks.. It was driving me nuts!


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