Join Moms Meet online (Free Kiwi Magazine)

  • A FREE annual subscription to KIWI Magazine for you or a friend
  • Coupons for baby and toddler products from Earth's Best
  • Access to our Moms Meet website, including easy-to-download content, moderator guide (for Mom Ambassadors) and questions for discussion
  • Access to Moms Meet groups at various locations around the country
  • Monthly Moms Meet e-newsletter
  • And ’re recruiting Moms Meet Ambassadors to lead group meetings in your town!

Apply now and we’ll train you to show your friends the way to healthier families. You’ll receive special gifts from Earth Best’s and KIWI Magazine!!

I've heard there's usually some pretty fun coupons in this magazine, and if it's free... gosh why not get it!! Sign up here!

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