Disney Movie Rewards...

Disney Movie Rewards

Join Disney Movie Rewards and earn Disney Magic Points to receive savings offers and member benefits. Earn points by purchasing Disney movies and entering the codes online, or by watching eligible Disney movies in the theater, completing a form, and mailing them in! You can even earn an extra 50 points for purchasing your movie tickets through Fandango!

You can also receive an additional 100pts for watching the Blu-ray Goofy clip. And since you'll be new to Disney Movie Rewards, you can get 100pts for taking the survey as well.

Point values range from 75 to 150 for DVDs.. and 50 for movies seen in the theater. Their rewards section is huge - and filled with things like (but not limited to) stickers, tshirts, DVDs, and Waterford Crystal!

My kids are pretty old - so I didn't think this really applied to me, but you'd be surprised at the movies out that are Disney... like National Treasure, Herbie, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pirates of the Caribbean! Definitely check it out... Great way to get something back for purchasing Disney movies...


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