Are you Swaggin?

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Have you heard of Swagbucks? It's a search engine (like Google) that you randomly will win $1 - $5'ish "swagbucks" that you can redeem in their online store for great products and gift certificates! You can get cool stuff like a $5 Amazon.com e-certificate for 45 swagbucks! There are also options to turn in your old electronics or video games for swagbucks, or earn some for shopping online via their links! Check it out!!!

If you're already signed up, but forget to search there to get your swagbucks, well I hope I just reminded you! If you aren't, could you pretty please register using my link? Thank you - and happy swaggin!

I'm admitting right now - for all to see/read - that I've defnitely been slacking since I started working out of the home again... As much as I use google, it's really weird that I forget to swagsearch! Here's to hoping you've all done better...

It's officially taking at least a week for the Amazon e-cards to arrive, bummer...
But they always come. I love that about Swagbucks, there's no BS. So what kinds of things have you ordered from the Swagstore? I'm all about the amazon cards...

Are you guys swaggin? What kinds of stuff do you get?! Share your swag-experiences!

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