Great Deal on Pampers @ CVS!!!!

The ECB part of the deal doesn't show in the ad, just the low price...

Make sure you read all of the comments on this post... there seems to be a huge YMMV is the store will give you the ECB - and CS is closed today... Sorry I won't do this deal, my youngest is nearly 10 yrs old!! !

It states that you can buy a pkg of Pampers Diapers (Jumbo size pkg) for $8.99, and get a $5 ECB!!! If you have any Pampers coupons - would make the deal even sweeter! PLUS!!! If you got the $3 off $15 in your email for CVS - downright HOT deal on Pampers!
Pampers Diapers or Pants $1 (7/31/09) P & G 6/7/09

(had to remove links to the CVS ad... sorry



Jessica said...

I went to my 24-hour store after midnight with the printout from the website. The ECB's did not print and they would not give manually print them out because they said they couldn't verify my printout was legit.

cheapsk8mom said...

That's so rude! I heard that you can call Customer Service for help... I"m sorry that happened to you

Anonymous said...

I went in to get the pampers deal. I did not get it. I will need to call the 800 number. The manager said he did not have an event code nor did it say anything on my receipt about earning the reward. So he said he couldn't print it out. Thankfully I only bought one because I wasn't sure of the limit.
Also check your contour coupon. Mine was for test strips not the monitor! So I wasn't able to snag that deal!
Stay tuned!

Jessica said...

I tried calling Customer Service this morning and they were closed. It said they won't be open until tomorrow. I did call my store this morning and spoke with today's supervisor. She was very nice and said she would call their Helpdesk and call me back. When she called me back she said they were aware of the advertisement but it is a glitch on the website. However, if I go in to the store she will print off three $5 ECBs for me!

Anonymous said...

I went this morning and no ecb’s printed. (I didn’t have the page I printed either because I ran out of the house so fast this morning I forgot it on the table.) Anyways I talked to a guy from cvs.com (corporate is closed today) and he said they were aware they are having issues with the ecb’s printing and they are working on it. He said it should be fixed by tomorrow. Also if you have already bought them and ecb’s did not print out, keep the receipt, call corporate when they are open and they should issue your ecb’s.

xbabymakes3x said...

I went and bought 3 packs. ECB obviously didn’t print. So they forced one, but they would only give $5 and not $15. I tried arguing the limit three for the $8.99 price so why not 3 $5 ECB, but no go. But still I only ended up paying $4.22/pk, so not too bad.
I will try to call corporate tomorrow and see if they will honor the ECB for the other 2 packs.

xbabymakes3x said...

Just called CS and they are having $10 ECB added to my card!


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