Free Easy Bakeware Pan

Easy Bakeware

Everyone I know who has gotten this pan says it's really a nice item, and loved that it was free. I have also heard that it's quite simple to just cancel the "Home Savings Mall" service as soon as your order ships - without further incident. Get yours here!!!!

Is it really free? Why?
Yes. During this promotion, we are spending less money on advertising and putting money into the free product. We think its a great way to get new customers to try us out!

What’s the catch?

What about Shipping?

Orders over $25, shipping is free. Orders under $25, there is a $7.95 flat fee which just covers our cost. There is also a sponsored $1 shipping option where our sponsor pays for your shipping.
Simply click "Place Order" to submit your EasyBakeware purchase, get shipping for $1, and activate your Home Savings Mall trial membership. The membership fee of $19.95 per month will be charged/debited by Home Savings Mall to the credit/debit card you used today with EasyBakeware after the 7-day FREE trial and then automatically charged/debited each month at the then-current monthly membership fee so long as you remain a member. Of course, you can call toll-free at 800-544-1528 and speak to a Home Savings Mall representative within the first 7 days to cancel. Please note that by agreeing to these Offer Details, you are authorizing EasyBakeware to securely transfer your name, address and credit/debit card information to Home Savings Mall. If you used a debit card today, then beginning on or about 7 days from now, your monthly membership fee for Home Savings Mall will be automatically debited each month on or about that same date at the then-current membership fee from the checking account associated with the debit card you provided today.


Anonymous said...


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JustSimplyHolly said...

I posted a comment on another post of yours about this product/company, and I'm sorry, but I have to repeat it!

My experience with this company has been a complete and total nightmare and I finally had no choice but to cancel the credit card I had been using, only because of them!

I have now been charged $14.95 & $19.95 SIX times by this company. I've contacted them every time, and they deny having made the charges, so I go through a dispute ticket with the CC company, and they would reverse the charges.

The last charge was $19.95 twice, for a total of $39.98. That time, my CC refused to reverse the charges and said my only option was to cancel the CC to avoid future charges.

I don't know about you, but to me, $40 is a kings ransom right now! I'm supporting a family of 4 on a $7.50 an hour job. I've filed complaints against this company anywhere I could. They're a complete and total rip off company in my opinion and I regret ever ordering my "free" muffin pan.

Thanks for letting me comment!


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