Sign up for Kmart Smart Rewards!

So this program looks like it's going to be like a loyalty card - like Kroger or CVS. I just signed up today - bummer I didn't know about it yesterday!!! GRR. Register here!

It really does pay to be smart - especially when you're shopping at Kmart. The Kmart Smart Rewards card helps you stretch your dollars a little farther. Use the Kmart Smart Rewards card every time you shop at participating Kmart stores, and on kmart.com.

As a Kmart Smart Rewards member, shopping smart is just the beginning. You'll also be able to:

Visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Terms and Conditions for complete program details.

*Rewards are accrued on qualifying purchases and will be issued as Reward Certificates on a quarterly basis in values of $3.00 and up. Some exclusions apply for Rewards and Reward Certificates, such as sales tax, service fees, prescriptions, lottery tickets, eatery, licenses, concessions, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, Kmart gift cards, postage, utility payments, gasoline, Western Union, prior layaway payments, Olan Mills, charges for installation, delivery extended warranties, protection agreements, and Kmart auctions on eBay. In addition, Reward Certificates are not valid on kmart.com purchases and Sears merchandise rung on Sears registers in Kmart including but not limited to Sears Home Appliances and Electronics, Sears Auto Centers and Sears Hearing Aids.
** If a valid Kmart Smart Rewards member number is entered on kmart.com, then the order will be upgraded from standard to expedited shipping for the non-promotional price of standard shipping. If an order qualifies for a promotion on standard shipping, it is the member's responsibility to select "standard" as the shipping method during checkout to receive the shipping promotion.

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