Free 2pc Grilled Chicken Dinner from KFC

This deal's all over the 'net, so I'm sure most have already seen it... But on the off chance that someone might have missed it... I'm gonna post...

Go here to print 4 coupons for a free 2pc dinner!
*manager's choice of what those 2 pieces of chicken will be, but for free?! I don't think it'll matter. Plus you get 2 sides and a biscuit! Yummy...

There's also a .pdf offered @ Oprah's website here. Personally I'm a bit skeptical of using the .pdf, and since you can print 4 per computer using the coupon printer, I'm going that route. But that's just me...

The .pdf was removed from Oprah's site. I have also read reports of the .pdf version of the coupon being rejected @ the KFC. I'm still in awe that a .pdf of a Brick's coupon was posted at all, know what I'm sayin?

And it goes on and on... Lol it's not on Oprah's site, but it IS on KFC's - here - so wondering to myself why they'd refuse a coupon that they posted on their own site? Walgreens much? =)

.PDF removed from KFC's site sometime during the wee hours of the night... I just hope that the flood of .pdf coupons (introduced by the company itself - not by fraudulent means) doesn't spoil the entire deal. I'm looking forward to a free meal or two.

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