$50 in Q's from Kraft!!!

Omgosh I'm in love w/the Q's available - HURRY THOUGH. SIGN UP @ Kraft, then go here to print up to $50 worth of Q's from Kraft... I am happy w/the $1 off Starbucks coffee, it's a husband-food!! Check 'em out, there's just way too many to list. Print 2 sets :) while you're at it.
OOH and thanks to a tip from an anonymous reader... you can print another 2 sets here!! WOW!

and if you can print smartsource, there's another 2 sets to be had here!


Anonymous said...

I was able to print 2 more sets at coupons.com for a total of 4 coupons each...WOOHOO!!!!

Rhonda said...

I am in Fishers and I went to Kroger today. They had the barbeque sauce 10/$10 (sales are Thurs.-Wed. for me. Then it just kept getting better and better. The bottles were 55% bonus size-28oz for the price of 18. I went ahead and got 10 because I had at least that many coupons. Lo and behold, when I checked out, I got a $3 catalina from Kraft. Woo-Hoo, they paid me for 280oz of barbeque sauce. The guy bagging my grocery asked me if I was having a barbecue-lol.


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