$2 off 2 Johnson's Baby Products

$2 off 2 Johnson's Baby Care, Wash, Soothing Naturals, Haircare Printable coupons! (FF or IE) then request some in the mail too!


fran said...

Hi Cheapst8mom,
Thanks for the coupons. I like requesting them throught the mail.
One problem I've been having...and I'm hoping it's something you can correct. I'm not into the technical workings of the computer, but I hope you are. Here goes: whenever I go to the next screen to request the coupon by mail, and after I hit submit, I don't come back to your site...I have to hit IE, then my favorites button, then your site. It would save some time for me to be able to close the bricks site and then be right back on your site. Do you know of anything you (or I) can do to correct this? Thanks again:)

cheapsk8mom said...

you can right click the link to open in a new tab or window.

or i can remember to put in the extra code after a hyperlink that opens in a new window... but i always forget :)


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