$1 off Batter Blaster!

$1 off Batter Blaster - awesome .pdf here! I'm actually DYING to try this product, but haven't wanted to shell out the ching! I'm thinking I might hang onto this coupon for the next super double event at the Kmart... I did see it there, I think for about $3'ish

Sidenote: It's an organic product... IN a can!


Charlotte said...

I'll give you a glowing review on this. I've used it and I love it. I actually won a free can by following them on Twitter. It's so easy to use. No mess to clean up!

butterbeancastro said...

ditto glowing comment. the buck off is nice but if you go to batterblaster.com you can also find the FB/Twitter promotion to win the free can of batter blaster.

go get em.


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