Wow... Walmart - Follow Up

Remember this post. It's where I went on a rant about Walmart... Well I did get a call back from a "manager"... well it was actually a voicemail. So I called back - and was put on hold for 5 minutes. On my cell phone - which thrills me to no end. I don't have unlimited minutes- thanks so much. So anyhow - I hung up and called right back... And asked the gal on the other end of the phone to please leave a message for the "manager" that had called me - that I had sat on hold for 5 minutes and to have her call me back when she was available. Great start already, right? GRR

So about an hour later, I get a phone call from a different "manager". She doesn't sound very happy about speaking to me, and isn't interested in hearing what happened at all really. She mainly wanted to explain to me how printable coupons work, and that they've had a lot of fraud issues lately, and that she believes if I am in possession of so many coupons, that it wasn't the best idea to use them all at once. She said that they can refuse coupons if they want to, but that there's no policy really. I attempted to advise her of the policy on Walmart's website, but she was not too interested in what I had to say... But she did said she was sorry that I had my "feelings hurt" (AS IF) and wanted to send me a $20 GC. Well - of course I'll take the card - but still.. WOW? Is that a follow up? I'm thinkin' no... not really. I'm still mad, Walmart is still on my "list" along w/Walgreens...

But I will gladly use that $20 GC and as many of my awesome "free" or high-dollar freebie-producing coupons as I can think of - and reign hell upon Walmart for a day! Either that or I'll waste it on something random lol... you never know w/me.

So I guess we all already ranted about our mistreatment at Walmart and other offending stores... I'd love to hear about the follow-ups you guys have gotten... Good or bad, just let it out!


Holly said...

You know, I've been a Walmart fan for many years, and was a Walmart employee for about a year. I used to get so tired of people bashing them. But now, I try to avoid shopping there at all costs!

It's not because of anything I "learned" while working for them, because they actually are a pretty decent employer. But I just get so tired of rude cashiers and associates who make you feel like you're bothering them when you ask them for help!

Yesterday, the hubby insisted that we run into Walmart since it was closest to where we were. The shopping part went fine and we did find the items we needed, but the check out part is where things started going wrong. Our last item on the belt was a case of water that was advertised for like $3.27. Apparently the cashier has "issues" with being able to lift anything that weighs more than a feather because when she got to the water, she copped a MAJOR attitude and semi went off on us saying "You need to learn to leave large items in your cart, people like me, who have messed up back and shoulders can't lift these things and you put us into a situation where we could hurt ourselves". EXCUSE ME?!?! How am I supposed to know this, you don't have a neon sign saying so, and if you'd have simply said "I have problems with my back, would you mind moving the case of water from the belt?" I'd have done so without a problem. But she wanted to get all up in our faces about it, like we had ESP or something and knew what her problem was.

It's a never ending story and I just get really tired of it. On top of that, hubby wasn't paying attention to the prices as she was ringing things up and we ended up getting charged almost double for one item, and the water for $3.27 rang up almost $1 higher. But that's Walmart for you, they do this all the time. So I have to make a stop there the next time I go into town I guess, and I'll get my measly difference. But it just irks me!

cheapsk8mom said...

OMGosh Holly. That is awful. And even if it's a "measly" difference, IT'S YOUR measly difference!!! At least that's how I look at it...

And I'm not against all WalMarts at all, just mine :)

My old Walmart when I lived in Omaha - 132nd and L street - was AWESOME. I loved that store, I often long for that store. Not so much at the Camby, IN walmart.

suethesaver said...

Hello, I went to walmart once with coupons and they said the same thing that they were fraudulent coupons, I said what, please get your manager and she came and said the same thing so I left and never went back. The coupons were perfectly fine I used them at other stores no problem. We now have a new Walmart open maybe I will try there next. They just dont know what they are doing.


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