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First let me say - I feed teenagers, and a husband with a very high metabolism. Because my children are older - 16, 14, 11, and 9 - I have the luxury of only making ONE MEAL for dinner. They may or may not like what I make, but there's loads of cereal in the house should that become an issue for them at any point.

I don't plan out any lunches or breakfasts, because they do their own thing in the morning... They choose from Pop Tarts, Cereal, Oatmeal, Bagelfuls, Yogurt, or Cream of Wheat. Lunches during the weekend is "practice" for the 16, 14, and 11 yr olds - so they can know how to cook simple foods when they are on their own. So they make things like Mac & Cheese, or Hamburger Helper... Stuff like that - nothing too difficult. I also get lots of help during the week, but weekend lunches are 100% their domain. They also get to practice baking - so we usually always have some sort of cake or cookie during the week. Everytime I wish I could have another baby - I remember that babies can't cook! That usually works...

My meal plan might not fit most families, but it works for us. We also don't eat a LOT of leafy green foods, or any other food that might contain a high amount of Vitamin K because my husband is on Coumadin and he can't eat those foods. We used to though... Having said that, this week is just a mess. I apologize. Being a girl isn't fun sometimes - and although I'm only 34 - I find myself wishing for menopause to hurry up and get here.
(Easy for me to say that - since I don't know WHAT I'm talking about)

Monday -
I had planned on making Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup with some of the free bread from Target - but it's that time of the month (I know - ICK) and I didn't feel like doing a THING. Husband ordered pizza. BTW - 2 XL Cheese Pizzas from Papa Johns fed us ALL. They're $11.99 right now - just something to think about.

Tuesday -
Kids are doing the Michael Angelo's vs. Stouffer's Taste Test.

Wednesday -
Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup w/bread
(This is a mix made by Bear Creek, and it's AWESOME)

Thursday -
Chicken Enchiladas Verde

Friday -
Leftovers and anything from the freezer.

We're leaving late Friday or Saturday morning to go to Arizona for 2 weeks. Don't worry - I'm bringing my computer!! And guess what - they double coupons there too!! But it's any coupon doubles - max total value is $1... So - .55 = $1, .60 = $1... So I'm gonna have fun!

I'll also post pictures, since we're going to visit places like the Grand Canyon, and Tombstone. One of the teens just did a report on Tombstone, AZ - so it will be a nice way to reinforce what she learned.

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