Pacer's won!

I went to the Pacer's game tonight - Courtesy of Marsh... thx Marsh. I've never gone to an NBA game - and to be truly honest... I haven't ever been in a sporting arena of that magnitude... A few concerts in Omaha (born & raised) but this joint is HUGE. I felt tiny, but amazingly enough, I could really see everything very well... It was a "good game" - down to the last second... But the Pacer's won... So not only did I get to see a real life NBA Game for $5.10, but the "home team" won! I'm looking forward to bringing the entire crew next time (although it'll HAVE to be the same cheap price first)... it really was fun.


Missy said...

We were at that game too! It was my first time at conseco as well and I was overwhelmed with the size as well. My hubby won tickets from his work, and we were 3rd row center court...it was pretty awesome! Those timeout/halftime little skits were hilarious! We cant wait to take our 3 year old next year!

cheapsk8mom said...

Haha that's awesome. We were the TEENY tiny specks up in the HIGH seats lol. Actually it was easy to see the action, but it did make me dizzy - since when you're looking down at a ball, you lose a lot of the vertical effect, making it look like it's hovering...


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