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This may or may not apply to anyone - but as a Blockbuster Online subscriber... I felt like I should pass along the info. Do what you want with it... Blockbuster Video "might" be filing bankruptcy! I know that a month or so ago - they changed their online rental policy from being able to have 3 movies mailed to you - and still be able to trade them in-store for 3 DVDs there... Now you can only have a total of 3 movies! So if you trade your 3 mailed movies in - you won't get new ones until you return the ones you picked up at the store.

Well, I immediately emailed them - and didn't really get a good answer. I have been a subscriber for over 2 years, and mentioned that this change was making it more attractive for me to switch to NetFlix - they didn't care though! And then when I read on SD that they might be filing bankruptcy? Well it started to make sense, I guess... I mean not really, since they're losing business by changing a product that was worth the $24 or so it costs a month. Now, not so much... I haven't cancelled YET, but I'm thinking about it...

But if you have a gift card to Blockbuster, it might be a good time to use it up...

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ces69 said...

I had blockbuster online about 3 or 4 yrs ago and really loved it. I gave it up when I moved. I then tried netflix since blockbuster wasn't that close and I like trading them in at the store. Netflix is cheaper, has a bigger selection, gets the movies to me much faster not to mention Great Cust. Serv. I got a month free trial and a $25 gift card for blockbuster in November. I canceled netflix and went back to blockbuster online. What a mistake! During my FREE month I was charged 3 times. It took me 2 months to get all my credits back. Like that wasn't enough when I returned a movie they checked it in and then charged me for that movie saying I didn't return it. Well I had kept my receipts and could prove I did in fact return it. It took another month to get that fixed. I couldn't get anyone that spoke english to help me and many hour on hold. I of course canceled that membership. I have been with netflix for over 3 yrs through 2 moves and have had only 1 problem that was fixed with a simple email. I love netflix. Give them a try.


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