Keeping Feet - cool Giveaway!

Awesome Giveaway @ Keeping Feet!!!
I almost don't wanna share it, in hopes that I WIN IT for MYSELF!!!! Go here to enter... The deadline is 4/5!!!

It's a really cool idea for a magnetic spice rack - she's got it all set up behind her stove!

This wouldn't work in my kitchen though... at least not behind the stove - that's where the microwave/range hood is... Even if I had that space, I have a gas stove - so I'm constantly afraid of catching my shirt on fire. It has never happened, but I swear to you right now - I think of it every time I cook.

So why would I wanna win it then? Well I'm thinking I would like to paint the "family center" - an area where we have a calendar and a cork board... I think it would be really fun to hang the important papers with magnets on a nice clean wall, instead of this board that's constantly getting that weird "food grease dust" stuff on it. What is that stuff, anyway?

Another idea was painting a surface in the kids' room... Maybe a strip along the wall - 10 inches from the ceiling - to hang posters from without putting holes in the wall - which makes me NUTS.

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Joanna said...

Thanks for blogging about my project & the giveaway- Good luck!


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