Help me!!!

Ok - I love you guys - and I want to know what you might want to see more of... I mean you know I love posting coupons!! And I've gotten positive feedback for the "If it hadn't been free" posts...

I haven't been posting as many photos of my shopping trips, I guess maybe I wasn't sure how excited you were to see what I brought home, especially if it's the same thing every other day!

Weekly Menu? Recipes? I definitely want to make sure you guys are happy reading the blog...

I think I wanna start posting the "comment of the week" ... Since those of you who follow me and post comments are not only smart, but you're pretty funny when you wanna be!!

So I need your help! Holler at me! Leave a post, or if you prefer - you can email me...

OH - also... I added a few things on the RT side of the page... 1 is for YouData... instead of having to login and view your ads, you can grab your free money everytime you check my page! I know I find this more convenient, so I hope you will too.

The 2nd day I had the new site up, I broke it!! And I accidentally erased the list of blogs that I like to check out... So I've put a list back up, and I also added every single blogger that does Meijer posts at the Grocery Gathering. I like to think that I do a decent job w/the weekly posts, but I know I miss things sometimes...


Sarah@VintageChic said...

I like to see what bargains you come up with! It's excited to see how you save money.

Benjamin & Lillian said...

I love the pictures of the deals that you get - It's alway great to see how far you stretch your money.

Jen L. said...

I still laugh out loud whenever I see a Fiber One granola bar and your "If it hadn't been free..." post.

Keep the menu plans coming. I like that your are a typical family eating typical things (4 "starving" kids will do that to you).

I enjoy your shopping trip photos. I also shop at Meijer and Target. You fill me in on the good deals, many of which I probably would have missed on my own. Plus I'm always amazed how far you can stretch a buck!

Finally, I am looking into some of the survey sites you have recommended. You have saved me a few dollars in the past so I trust you girlfriend!

So keep all those posts coming! My day wouldn't be complete without them!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm several days behind in reading (darn job!), but I wanted to comment late anyway. I, too, like the If It Hadn't Been Free posts, and even if it is the same things, I'm Nosey Rosie and like to see pictures of your grocery trips, too. :)

In catching up with your posts, I just got a new idea: When my damn picky 12-year-old turns his nose up at dinner, he can have cereal. I can't believe I never thought of that before.

Tired of Trying to Think of Something to Cook EVERYone will Eat in Mississippi :)


Anonymous said...

I love love love the photos of your shopping trips and I love the weekly menus. I also enjoyed, when we were all getting really cheap meat at Target, hearing what you were doing with that. Keep in coming. We shop all the same stores, I am in Carmel, Indiana. SO, I am addicted to your site. We are in Arizona on Spring break right now and I can't wait to get home and catch up with your blog! Thank you.


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