Burned my ECB @ CVS today...

Since my ECB were expiring today - we needed to use them up! And I really didn't feel like doing any "deals" so this is what I did to "burn" my ECB... I'll be getting $10 ECB at the end of the month for doing a CVS Advisor survey - so I wasn't too worried!!

3 Glucerna Cereals @ $4.59
- used 3 $5 off Q's (adjusted so no overage)
2 Myoplex Bars @ $2.79
- used 2 "free item" coupons
1 Vitamin Water @ $1.69
- used $1/1 manQ
1 Divine Cookie @ $1.40
- used $1 off CVS Q
1 Charmin TP @ $5.99
- i didn't have coupons on me!
1 pk of Cigarettes for Husband

Used 1 $5 off $25 CVS Q
Paid $4.14
Will submit for $3 in rebates from Caregivers Marketplace for the Glucerna


kt said...

I know the ECB's always include an expiration date, but I think they don't actually expire. I've asked at multiple CVS stores, and every cashier has said that the expiration date only appears on the ECB because they come from the same printer as the coupons. So I've used lots of "expired" ECB's. You should try asking at your store....

Laura said...

The 3 CVS stores I have in my area have a notice posted (several months ago to forewarn) that ECB's will no longer be accepted after the expiration date. If your store is accepting an expired ECB, consider yourself VERY lucky because store policy prohibits expired ECB's and sounds like your cashier is going against store policy. They used to accept expired ones up until maybe last summer, which is when the notice was posted. Why can't I find a CVS like yours???? Just lost $1.98 in ECB's and was told couldn't use them at any of the 3 stores cuz they expired a mere TWO days prior!


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