Target is my new friend...

Gotta say it... I think Target wants my business... Again w/the chuck steak... I know I know... They make great carne asada, are awesome in chili, and are actually pretty good on the grill...

A note on the breads: All of the .99 ones were gone when I got there today, but the gal in the bakery was more than happy to pull a few out of the freezer for me today. I didn't realize that they didn't actually BAKE them there.

Here's what I did today, in 2 transactions

6 Chuck Steaks @ $2.01 - $2.63
- used 6 $2/1 Target Q

9 Artisan Breads @ .99
- used 9 $1/1 Target Q

1 Artisan Rye Bread @ $1.65

Total Paid in 2 transactions: $2.23


Lowry517 said...

You are a crazy lady!!! I went to a regular Target (only one slightly close) and of course they didn't have the bread. I used my steak for some fajitas. You might think about that.

cheapsk8mom said...

Ha.. well with all the kids in this house, we will use this ALL. I plan on making some grilled chicken sandwiches on the bread.

Joanna said...

I've been making some "artisan sandwiches" on my bread for lunches all week. They make me feel like I'm eating at Panera, but the fancy bread was free! (I hit the Target in Fishers and had no problem finding the mini-loaves)

cheapsk8mom said...

YES OMGOSH It's like Panera!!
I marinated some chicken breasts tonight and then grilled them outside - drool... On ciabatta with lettuce tomato mayo - wow. It's a keeper... we'll be making this again very soon.


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