Pace Hand-Pick & Win Contest

Have you played this contest yet? If not, you're gonna have to asap... There's a 1 in 20 chance of winning a free jar of salsa... This comes to you as a (smartsource printable) coupon for $4 ANY Pace product!! If you don't already have a code from a jar, just use the one they provide SAL321... Well I've won already, and as a result have more than a few jars of salsa around - and was wondering what to do with it... I mean there's only so much chips and salsa snacks a girl can handle!! (Free chips - thx Marsh)

So tonight I made ... for lack of a better word - Salsa Soup!

2 Jars Pace Salsa
1 can black beans
1 can of corn
1lb of hamburger

Top with onions & a dollop of sour cream!

It was really quick, and actually pretty good! Husband ate it with his beloved Jalapeno Tostitos, and the kids and I dipped our toasted corn tortillas in! Imagine my surprise when I cruised Pace's website and saw that they have a whole section of recipes - INCLUDING soup! Check it out!


Kate said...

Just won and printed out 10 more... love it!

Lowry517 said...

My husband just won, but my coupon would never print. I tried for over an hour. It would either give me one or the other message over and over, "your default printer is not supported" or "sorry it is unavailable right now". I e-mailed them, but I am frustrated. Smart Source coupons seem to give me and the rest of my family/friends so much trouble. I would say like 98% of the time they won't print.

Does anyone have a clue as to how to fix this. He won, but we have nothing to show for it.

kobe0007 said...

I have the same problem as Lowry...I won but it says my printer is not supported :( It is like that Post trail Mix coupon, I never could get that coupon to print.

cheapsk8mom said...

Oh that is no bueno...

I have heard that folks have emailed the company explaining they weren't able to print and did get a coupon via mail... I'm sorry it isn't printing... Honestly this is like the first time a smartsource coupon has printed on this computer for me...

Have you tried using the safari browser? On my other laptop, that's how I print 'em


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