I went to Target today...

The big bottle of Suave Kids Shampoo was free, using the coupon from Suave... I used 2 $2 Target Q's on the steaks (on sale still for $1.99/lb), 2 lightbulbs @ $1 each, and a bottle of Jim Beam Marinade (wonderful - and on clearance for $1.78)

I did get a few rainchecks for the lightbulbs, since all they had left was 2!! I'll have to go back sometime and look for more!

my total OOP was $1.80'ish
(Suave coupon deducted $3, product was only $2.49)


Corey said...

Did you see my thing over at SD...I got my Suave thing in the mail today and it didn't have a coupon in it! All that was in the envelope was a letter talking about the coupon.

cheapsk8mom said...

OMGOSH are you kidding, that's hilarious. I mean - not really, but dang...

I believe my mail carrier is taking half of my free sample loot, if that's any consolation lol.

are you signed up at bzzagent btw?

Sonia said...

Those steaks are awesome, for the price


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