Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts Give Away!!

Now through 1/31/2010 - for every code entered online at the Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts - Cheerios will donate $1. (Up to $200,000) to raise awareness for heart disease, and provide free cholesterol screenings to women in need.. through a partnership with WomenHeart. Look for specially marked boxes of Cheerios for the codes!

The folks at Cheerios have given me 3 Fresh Water Pearl Charm Bracelets (pictured above) to give away to my readers! Each bracelet has a heart charm from Charity Charms. Charity Charms donates part of the proceeds from their charms to different charities! What a great (and stylish I might add) way to show you care about women's heart health!

How to enter - up to 3 entries per person (3 separate posts per person)...
Leave a comment (
with your email) here with your response to

  • What you do to maintain a healthy heart?

  • Share a story about women in your life who have battled or overcome heart disease.

  • A link to your own blog post about my giveaway AND Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts
I'll pull three winners on 3/27 - and announce on the blog... and email those who have won!! I hope you're all as excited as I am about this giveaway!


Infant Bibliophile said...

Thanks for the give away! To maintain a healthy heart, I walk. A lot! We don't own a car, and I take my son out walking at least three times a day...all trips for groceries, to the library, to playdates, etc. are all done on foot/stroller.

Corey said...

What you do to maintain a healthy heart?

I eat Cheerios (really I do) and I do some good Army Physical Training 3 times a week. (not because I really want to...)

Oh, do I qualify even if I am a guy :P?

debbielynne said...

I walk for exercise and try to get adequate sleep each night. Thanks for the chance to win!

SavannahsSmiles said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! To maintain a healthy heart my family uses olive oil to cook healthy meals. We also try to eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit instead of processed foods like chips and cookies.

Brandi said...

What you do to maintain a healthy heart?

I "sneak" lots of veggies into our meals because I have a few picky eaters in the family. I also make sure there is always a variety of fresh fruits available for snacking!

Rhonda said...

Love the bracelet! I drink green smoothies to make sure I'm getting my fruits/veggies in...I also use healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil!


Benjamin said...

Thanks for the generous giveaway. Here are some of my tips of maintaining a healthy pumping heart!

Watch your diet
Don't overeat. Cut down on fats, cholesterol and sugar. Eat balanced meals with lots of fruit and vegetables. I normally have Quaker porridge oats for breakfast and snack on whole grains cereal or bread with lean meat. NO greasy hamburgers.

$1/1 Quaker Life cereal and $1/1 Quaker True Delights granola bars

$1/2 Quaker instant oatmeal

$1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios

Don't smoke.
If you are a non-smoker, don't start. If you smoke, stop now. You can take your first step by getting a free sample of Nicoderm CQ , a stop-smoking aid, it also comes with a $7 coupon for your first purchase over your pharmacy counter! ;)

Be more active
Shed the extra fat through proper exercise. Spare your heart the extra load. I normally take a leisure jog to the grocery store and then take a walk back when I'm done with all the shopping. Also, I take the stairs to my apartment on the third floor instead of using the lift (the lifts are really slow anyway).

Keep blood pressure, blood cholesterol and diabetes under control
Have regular check-ups and follow your doctor's treatment faithfully.
I usually have mine once every 6 months.

Find your nearest health centre for a health check!

Get the whole family involved and you can encourage each other to stay motivated! (:


christin said...

Our family uses heart healthy foods, we exercise regularly(even just chasing the kiddos around the yard:) and we stay away from smoking. These are really beautiful:) Thanks for the chance!

$aving with Mamanordy said...

What I do to maintain a healthy heart is eat wisely, lots of veggies, get plenty of exercise and plenty of rest.


economom said...

My DOCTOR just died of a heart attack on Monday while riding his bike---HE was only in his 40's and has kids at home!:( This is SERIOUS folks--we need to take good care! I maintain a healthy heart with exercise, mostly by playing with kids and eating the healthy stuff that I want them to eat! NO MORE FAST FOOD, Evahhhhh!


Cindy said...

Love the bracelet

As a family we have switched from white bread to whole wheat. We are also swiching to whole wheat flour when I bake and using whole wheat pasta

jburden said...

Thanks for the bracelet give-away!

I just started taking beta blockers as thyroid treatment and am actually keeping my heartrate down, so just daily household/mom duties for exercise for right now to keep my heart healthy. I am also trying to lose weight through a healthier diet and reduce stress.

jen dot burden at sbcglobal dot net

Jennifer said...

My mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but she's gotten it down just with diet and exercise... 63yo and no pills!

Jennifer said...

How pretty! I try to keep a healthy heart by eating AS MUCH fiber as possible and cutting out the junk!

Akiko said...

To maintain my health, I dance with Wii DDR every morning before kids wake up. My little brother had a heart problem when he was little. He was always carrying this heart monitor for 24 hrs. He is better now. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

Janelle said...

I eat whole grains every day and walk as many steps as possible each day, as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

Dina said...

I eat whole grains, exercise, and watch my cholesterol / blood pressure levels.

laura said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I maintain a healthy heart by eating lots of whole grains and keeping my cholesterol low.


laura said...

My grandmother battled heart disease and unfortunately, lost that battle in 1999 when she had a heart attack. High cholesterol runs in my family so I really have to watch my levels. I keep it in check by eating lots of whole grains and exercise.


Dawn said...

I love that bracelet. I found out in February that I have high blood pressure. I have completely changed my diet. No salt, more fibre, low fat. I am walking every evening and have started yoga....

Cincinnati Cents said...

To maintain a healthy heart in our family, we eat whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink an abundance of water. We also take walks together as a family and play games together outside.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Ashley said...

To maintain a healthy heart, I always cook with EVOO.

RogersUIO said...

I exercise at least 3 mornings a week and am cooking a lot more things from scratch. I try to sneak in healthy things wherever and whenever I can -- like powdered soy milk and wheat germ into pancakes!

Tamara B. said...

I eat fresh vegetables,fruits, watch my sodium intake, only eat whole grain pastas,breads,cereals and try to stay away from fatty foods.

Terri Fisher said...

To take care of my heart I try to eat healthy, especially watching my intake of sodium and cholesterol. I also take my vitamins and fish oil regularly! I know I should do more, but I'm taking baby steps to get started!
tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

Jenny said...

For heart health, we really cut down on our red meat consumption, plus I take fish oil capsules daily as part of my prenatal vitamin.

Heather said...

I like to walk to do my errands - I push the jogging stroller to CVS and Walgreens and the bank several times a week! I also take fish oil too. augustgirl01 (at) hotmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I am a fitness walker, this maintains a healthy heart for me.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

My brother battled and overcame heart disease by losing 30 pounds and by exercising and eating healthy.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


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