Check out what Lacey Did

Well actually her husband - but he was sent to the Super Target with her instructions... I totally plan on going to the Target this week to partake in the red meat-a-thon going on... I'm a red meat girl, no doubt.

Grand Total $4.88
Purchased: (9) packages of Sutton & Dodge Round Steak $1.98 for ALL
(10) cans of Market Pantry soups $2.90 for ALL
You get the coupons from www.target.com @ the bottom of the page "grocery coupons"
There is a $2/1 Sutton Dodge Steak or Roast and a $0.50/2 of the soups
Remember that you can print these from the store @ the Registry computer.

Now that's what I call a great deal Lacey...
(She's in small town america and doesn't get to shop great stores like the Meijer)
She also has given the info that at the Walgreens you can find the bags of Starbucks Candy (OMGOSH YUM) on sale for $4... She combined the $3 IVC coupon in the rebate booklet with her $1/1 blinkie and got herself some free candy. I really love this product, and it also gifts really well, since the Starbucks name gives it more "value" to a non-couponer.

Thanks Lacey!


melyn said...

I have an award for you. Stop by my blog to pick it up. Thank you for all of your inspiration and always sharing such great deals.

Lowry517 said...

Melyn, I want to check out your blog. Where is it? You can e-mail it to me lowry517@aol.com

Well, I hope lots of people get to get some inexpensive steak/roast and soup. We have to feed our families And, that is going to help everyone out a ton.


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