$2 off Glade Fragrance Collection

Save $2 off ANY item in the new Glade Fragrance Collection! Go here to register for the printable coupon...
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The Fragrance Collection by Glade® is available in:
* Decorative reed diffusers for continuous scent anywhere in your home.
* Beautiful soy-based, multi-wick candles for boutique-quality fragrance and ambiance.
* 4.9oz Soy candles crafted with over 90% natural ingredients.

*currants & açai™
tart red currants, tangy açai berries and red fruit accents

*sheer white cotton™
floral, fruity and woody notes, including freesia and lime

*lotus bamboo
lotus notes with a touch of citrus on a bamboo base

*mcintosh apple
the crisp scent of fresh picked apples, sweet and juicy yet slightly tart

*earthly awakening™
nature-inspired fragrances for a mossy, mellow and soothing scent

*orange vanilla
a favorite treat of fresh oranges blended in a rich, creamy vanilla

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