Local Soccer for Kids...

This is a post intended for families with children ages 3 to 14 years old - in MARION / MORGAN COUNTY AND SOME PARTS OF HENDRICKS COUNTY in the Southwest Indianapolis'ish area.

My 11 year old son recently expressed an interest in playing soccer. Having NEVER played any sport before - we were worried about how far behind the other kids he would be... and whether he would even 'fit in' as a result. Well, after completing the first session of indoor 3V3 soccer, he had a blast!! He was put on a team with kids who didn't have a lot of experience either. There were games every Saturday, and a practice during the week. He learned a LOT and really had a great time doing it.

So -- we signed him up again for the second winter session... and my husband is going to coach his team (3 boys 3 girls)! How fun!!! It's really a very relaxed and fun atmosphere at the games and practice, and a great way to get your little guys or gals off the couch!

The divisions are:
3V3 - Div I - 3-4yr olds, Div II - 5-6yr olds, Div III 7-8yr olds, Div IV 9-10yr olds

6V6 - Div I - 11-12yr olds, Div II - 13-14yr olds

The program has games, foot skill and agility practices, uniforms, and even a medal at the end. My little guy wears his medal around the house...

Here's where you guys come in - if you live in the area (or know someone who does), and have a little one (boy or girl) shoot me an email - their Spring program is right around the corner... and I can send you a sign up form, and other information!

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