Target - Heads Up! SOBE 10 for $10 w/$5 GC again (still?)

I don't know if the deal's been ongoing this entire time or not... since I'm all out of the coupons for the SOBE... but...

looks like the $10 for $10 SOBE deal is going on again... Buy 10, get $5 GC!! If only I had some of those awesome .50/1 coupons! Maybe you do? At least there's time to hunt for some!


Coupon Mommie said...

I noticed the same sale tag still hanging at my Target but no coupons.
I was there one day when the sale first started and saw the Pepsi guy handing out "something" to one lady but he went to the back before I could get over to the display and realize what he had handed her. (And she wasn't sharing)
He never came back out and I only got to grab about two shelves of what had hangtags on the bottles. I tried to be considerate and not take all six shelves.
If the Pepsi guy had came back out I was going to buy as much as he'd give me coupons for. Man oh man!

cheapsk8mom said...

Almost makes you wanna hunt down a Pepsi guy, you know? :)

I really really hope I can score me some 'tags, because my ENTIRE brood loves this stuff. One surprise good one was the Agave Lemonade... quite yummy :)


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