South Beach Bars & Meijer - Good --> Sweeter --> Sweetest

Ok - I have a deal for you... It's gonna be sweeter for some than others... but here goes.

Catalina Promo for Meijer:
Buy south Beach Living Fiber Fit Granola Bars, High Protein Cereal Bars, 100 Calorie Snack Bars or Pizza from 2/2 through 2/22...
  • Buy 2 - Get $1 OYNO
  • Buy 3 - Get $2 OYNO
  • Buy 4+ - Get $3 OYNO
There's a printable coupon available now for $2 off those wonderful bars... Go here for that (on the right side of the screen). You should be able to print 2 per computer, but a few weeks ago when this coupon was just launched, you could print 30+... So for those who jumped on this coupon back then, the deal is a bit sweeter for you.

Here's where it's sweeter for some than others - If you're in the Indy-Chicago'ish area (ads run Thursday thru Wednesday) head to the Meijer NOW and get yourself a rain check for these bars. Since the limit on the rain check is 12, ask for 1 raincheck for each flavor that you want to get.

To recap:
  • Good Deal: Meijer's normal price for these bars is $3.29 -- so buy 4 @ $13.16 (minus $8 in Q's) = $5.16 - get $3 OYNO Catalina... $2.16 for 4 pks of Snack Bars

  • Sweeter Deal: Rain Check Price is $2 -- buy 4 @ $8 (minus $8 in Q's) = $0 - get $3 OYNO Catalina... get paid $3 to take these home!

  • Sweetest deal: If you were able to print a TON of those coupons and have the raincheck price... You'll keep getting paid to take home treats.

Now... there's another thing that's bothering me about this though... If you have your ad from last week (current ad for me) take a look at it... It indicates that $2 is the Everyday Meijer Price for this item. Perhaps if you take your ad into the store with you, you will be able to get that price honored... OR maybe you can get a raincheck based on that ad...

OR maybe, just maybe... Maybe that's going to be Meijer's new low price for the South Beach Diet Bars... Maybe someone in the new ad area could do a price check and holler back!

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