Quick stop at the Target .... Yes I did!!!

Yes - I ran to the Target today... I wanted - scratch that - I needed to get some of those Cheetos. While I was there, and since I had 7 more of the SOBE Coupons left, I did one more transaction...

So here's how I rolled...
10 SOBE @ $1
-- 7 x .50 = $3.50 *sure wish i had 10 of those Q's)
-- used $5 GC
Total: $1.85

Got a $5 GC to use...

2 Purina TBonez @ $4.59 ea
-- used 2 $3/1 manQ
(upon review of the receipt, cashier did not ring up 1 of the TBonez)
So actually...
Final for 2: FREE + $1.41 overage

2 Ben & Jerry's Ice Creams @ $3.04 ea
-- used 2 $3/1 printable (no longer avail)
Final for 2: $0.08

4 Cheetos @ $2
-- used 4 $1/1 Target Q
Final for 4: $4

2 Sets of Clearanced Chopsticks @ $0.74 ea
*** Funny story - 13yr old daughter (aka bear) complains that she's bored during dinner... It takes her about an hour to eat, she's there all alone after the rest of the kids have long gone... We're always teasing her that we're going to get her some chopsticks to eat with.. you know, to spice things up for her. So that she's not so bored... And then we inform her that we'll be serving soup. She doesn't think it's nearly as funny as we do.
Final for 2: $1.48

1 Star Wars Bobblehead @ $1.48
** 11 yr old son (pictured) is a starwars freak, and this was on clearance. And it was really funny... so I got it.
Final: $1.48

Used $5 GC from X1
Total OOP: $0.88

Total OOP for X1 & X2: $2.73
Total Savings for X1 & X2: $27.16


Karabeth said...

Good grief! 13 years ago must've been the perfect time to nickname a child "Bear" whether male or female.

Thanks again for the service you provide. I need the help finding bargains to feed my 13-year-old Bear (male).

cheapsk8mom said...

Well Cheetos for $1.
I love the SOBE drinks, I got all the "diet" flavors this time... I can't even tell they're not "sugar drinks".

Corey said...

I am jealous. I went to Target Avon to see about doing Sobe and they did not have any Sobe or tearpads. I guess that is my fault for not going earlier in the week.

cheapsk8mom said...

I saw some hangtags at the Mooresville Walgreens in the front cooler case ON the SOBE drinks tonight. We were there getting candy, i left them there.

Kasey Hunt said...

AMazing!! Keep up the frugal work!!! Someday I"ll be that good. Thanks for sharing.


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