I love my dog!

I just took a fun picture of my dog... I know it's not deal-related at all... but he's so cute, and he was winking at the camera!! Yes, he's got his own little blankie... He's losing his hair on his back, and I don't want him to get cold when he's up on the bed with us at night... (While I'm blogging and reading forums)

I guess I'll toss out a few fun coupons for pets since I'm posting this:
2 new Meijer Q's... here.
$1 off Purina Dog Chow or Little Bites
$1 off Purina Cat Chow or Kitten Chow

$1.50/1 Beggin' Strips Printable here. I always have my "dog" go to the kitchen and find the coupon on the counter... But there's a few different locations on the site to find the same Q.
$3 off Purina Pro Plan cat or dog food printable here- Register...
Register here to get a free can of Mighty Dog, $5 off second nature "training solution" (looks like doggy litter), and $1.50 off Yesterday's News environmentally friendly litters.


Paula said...

You sound like us. My babies have special blankies and toys too. My one baby hurt herself jumping off the bed a few weeks ago and we really babied her. This picture is so cute. I need to get some pictures up too.

The wink is too cute.

cheapsk8mom said...

Oh man!! I always worry about that, and wonder if we should get him a ramp. My husband just laughs because he knows darn well I'd trip over the thing. I've never had a dog before, I've always been a cat person... But now that I have this little guy (80+ lbs of little) I can't imagine not having a dog - ever.

Although if 1,000 extra dollars ever found their way into my pocket, I'd get a Bengal Cat. It's my dream cat, for sure.


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