I didn't....

I didn't go the the Kmart for Super Doubles.
-- check your ad to see if your store is participating...

I didn't go to the Walgreens to get my free oust...
-- on sale B1G1
-- use B1G1 Q from nov inserts (not the recent one, it's the wrong oust product)

I didn't go to Target to get more SOBE for $0.35 (I already have a $5 Target GC to roll)
-- Buy 10 Sobe @ $1 each
-- use 10 .50/1 manQ (there are hangtag coupons ON the bottles YMMV though)
-- get a $5 GC
-- Pay $5.35 for 10 (or .35 if you already have the $5 to start)

I didn't go to the Target to get my husband his Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos either... They're on sale for $2 combined w/the $1/1 Target Q makes them only 1 dollar... I also wanted to score some really cheap coffee singles (Archer Farms, @ $1.09 - $1.14) using the $1/1 TQ...

I didn't get to go to the WalMart to hunt for those 3D glasses yet either... and that's kind of sad because I live less than a mile away.

I didn't go to the Meijer for rainchecks on items that go off sale today... Electrasol and Tyson Pre-Cooked roasts.

I didn't go the the CVS for the Gold Emblem Cheese Crackers that are on sale and generate ECBs...

Fact is, we got our first snow and it really just took all the desire to leave the house - right out of me. I plan on going tomorrow though, and will have awesome pics to share (i hope).


Paula said...

I didn't either. What a winter week. I posted some pics from earlier this week but now we are more than double that snow with everything closed around us, schools, business closing. Winter, blah, blah. Not good for stockpile gathering when the trip just becomes too much.

cheapsk8mom said...

Yuh it's just so cold, and generally not fun outside. The only shining moment in thinking about leaving today is that the husband's truck has heated seats. Or as I call 'em - heaty seaty.


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