Happy New Year!!!

Ok so Happy New Year... I hope everyone had a good time... We had a wonderful "appetizer" dinner using the $3 off TGIFriday's appetizer coupons redeemed at the Target today (expired 12/31 - got em free!!), stayed up late with the kids and watched WallE, snacked on popcorn, toasted with sparkling grape juice, and had a little bit of left over Halloween candy. Yes, the kids still have tons. I only let them have 2 pieces of candy every few days... I know, I know.. I'm mean.

So it's also a new month... January! Along with about half of my Q stash, the P&G e-Saver coupons expired too!!!

Make sure you:
1. Go to upromise and load up your e-coupons
2. Go to P&G e-Saver to load up the new set of e-coupons
3. Print all the new Q's from coupons.com
4. Head on over to cellfire and make sure you've got all the good Q's loaded as well
5. See a pattern here? Make sure you're up-to-date at Shortcut$ too...

My plans for today are pretty exciting, I'm going to be laying all of my expired coupons to rest, in preparation for the HUGE insert weekend we'll be having!!! Planning my January menu... which I haven't done yet... and fixin' to hit the Meijer... there's a $1.10 off 3 Progresso Soup Q, along with more Macaroni Grill Q's (i take those to walmart), .60/1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers... at the coupons.com

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