$25 Sam's Club GC when you join as a NEW Member (1/15-1/21)

Join Sam's Club Jan 15th - Jan 21st and you'll get a $25 Gift Card. A basic membership is only $40 per year... This offer is awesome, if I hadn't already renewed a few months ago, I'd be all over this. Read more about it here. There's just some things at Sam's that I can't live without... Huge jars of Blue Cheese Dressing for less than $5, Institutional sized cans of Nacho Cheese for around $5, and a really great price on giant beef briskets...

This goes pretty well w/P&G's offer of a $10 Sam's GC when you buy $50 worth of P&G products at Sam's!! Read more about that offer here.

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Sonia said...

We love the Nacho cheese also, awesom deal


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