New Q's!!

Ok it's the beginning of the month - I can't believe it's DECEMBER! It's trying to snow outside, but the ground's too warm yet... Anyway - new month = new coupons.com Q's ... print here or in my little sidebar... ( I get a couple of pennies if you do!! )
I saw a few really awesome Q's that I can't wait to put into use. I don't know if they'll show up for everyone or what, it's always a mystery... But $$ off Star Wars stuff? Hi, that's just what I needed. We just did a Star Wars Family Movie Marathon (we're making use of our dvd collection in lieu of the theater trips we used to make) and my 11 yr old is in LOVE. He's all about getting a lightsaber, and playing with his Anakin lego's.

Another Q that showed up on my laptop computer, but not the kids computers is MORE Kellogg's coupons. I don't know wahat it is, but it's lovely. I plan on taking these up to the KMart (double days) to get the Kellogg's on sale for $2.50 for .50 a box. Yes, that's right. I figure we'll have a healthy stockpile to get us through winter vacation, and hopefully get enough tokens from various boxes to send in for some great Kellogg's swag.


Rachel said...

You Kmart will let you use printable coupons?

cheapsk8mom said...

Yup, they sure do!


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