Hasbro U-Dance

So I was cruising the coupons available and I saw this one for $10 off Hasbro U-Dance. I hadn't heard of it, so I decided to google it. It looks like it's one of those games that you dance along to. I started to imagine a game that actually gets the kids OFF the couch... cool! Plus it doesn't require an XBOX or a Wii, just plug it into the TV! But then I saw the price tag... $79.99. Even w/the $10 off Q that's a bit high for me (and our budget). However, it's on sale at Target for $49.99. (in the weekly ad) With the coupon, that's actually a dollar amount I could work with... And it sounds just fun enough for me to "test out" while the kids are at school.

Here's the product description:
  • Become your own game controller with this incredible, motion-sensing dance system
  • Simply plug the console into your TV, attach the wireless foot tags to your feet and groove to your heart’s content
  • Bust a move to some of today’s most popular hit songs, performing real dance moves, like steps, slides and jumps
  • Rock out without the confines of a dance mat or game controller; as you dance, virtual footprints appear on your TV screen, mirroring your every step
  • Stop by the "lounge" for a quick-steppin’ game or jump on the treadmill game and add a great workout to your dance routine

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